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Hi5 Tandem Paragliding Cape Town is a Paragliding school who love to share the ease, exhilaration and absolute freedom of paragliding.

Tandem Paragliding flights are done from Lions Head and Signal Hill within the Table Mountain National Park, Franschoek, Sir Lowery Pass, Hermanus or Kommetjie.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions!

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What are the Basic Paragliding License requirements?
  • You need a minimum of 35 flights and a total of four hours of accumulated airtime. At least 20 of your flights must incorporate more than a 100m difference in altitude between the take-off site and landing site. Please note that winch trained pilots must have flown at least five flights at a mountain site over not less than two flying days.
  • You must have at least one flight of more than 20 minutes duration.
  • You must have at least two flights in thermic conditions of at least 10 minutes duration each. These flights must incorporate consecutive 360° turns in rising air.
  • You must have flown in ridge lift, sharing the ridge with several pilots while ridge soaring.
  • You must be able to demonstrate good, unassisted forward take-offs in wind strengths of 0-10 kph.
  • You must be able to execute good, unassisted reverse pull-ups and take-off techniques with the cross brake method (at least 10 flights).
  • You must have at least one straight line flight demonstrating good flying technique.
  • You must have demonstrated the following manoeuvers over the course of one or more flights:
    • S-turns or figure-of-8.
    • 180° turns, left and right.
    • 360° turns, left and right.
    • Big Ears.
    • Rear risers landing.
  • You must be able to land accurately (three out of three attempts in 50m diameter circle).
  • You must be able to demonstrate good layout, daily inspection and pre-flight checks (five-point check).
  • You must be able to demonstrate good unassisted pull-ups, inflations and ground control prior to take-off and hold your glider inflated directly overhead in sufficient wind.
  • You must have flown at least two different sites (1 x winch site, 1 x mountain site for winch trained pilots).
  • You must have passed the basic licence exam.

Once all these requirements have been completed and signed off by you and your instructor, ensure that all required documentation is completed correctly and submitted to SAHPA. Either you or your instructor can submit the documentation and pay the licence application and annual fee. Please note that you may not fly without instructor supervision until you received your physical licence card or have received a copy of the licence card from the SAHPA office.

Will my flights count towards a Basic Licence in South Africa?

All prices and flights shown on here refer to Instructional Flights with the participant signing up as a paragliding student with the intent of completing a paragliding basic course.

Am I insured for medical or any other insurance in any way while Paragliding with Hi5 Paragliding?

The short answer is No.

When joining Hi5 Paragliding for a Tandem Paragliding flight you will be required to sign up with SAHPA, our governing body as a Paragliding Student before your flight with Hi5 Paragliding. This is the only legal way you can fly tandem in a paraglider at a school in South Africa offering Paragliding flights without a personal Tandem License. At Hi5 Paragliding all tandem flights are conducted by licensed Instructors and the Tandem flight you do with Hi5 Paragliding will count towards a Basic Paragliding License.

No Insurance of any kind is available from Hi5 Paragliding to you as a Student while flying with us. For this reason if you would like any medical or other insurance while Paragliding you will need to arrange it with your own insurance company prior to flying with us as a student paragliding pilot. If you are making a booking on behalf of anyone else it is very important to share all the above information with them prior to them joining Hi5 Paragliding for their tandem paragliding instructional flight.

How safe is Tandem Paragliding?
Paragliding as in any other form of flight has inherent dangers but Hi5 Paragliding Pilots are all highly respected SAHPA/RAASA Certified Tandem Paragliding Instructors giving you peace of mind when you come paragliding with us.

Safety is always our main concern. This reflects in our excellent safety record.

Paragliding, Parasailing and Hang Gliding

Paragliding utilizes a foot-launched, lightweight glider that allows for soaring and maneuvering through the air with the help of updrafts and thermals.

Parasailing, on the other hand,  involves being towed behind a boat while harnessed to a parachute-like wing.

Hang gliding involves flying on a more rigid, motorised glider that requires the participant to be suspended in a harness beneath the wing.

How do I dress for my Tandem Paragliding Flight?

Bring your sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, and a warm jacket along for the flight. It is very important to also have closed shoes(preferably lace up) that are secure.

A small bottle of water is also recommended in case of a hike up Lions Head.

How long do Tandem Paragliding Flights last?

Tandem paragliding flights vary in length as they are very dependent on weather conditions. Paragliding flight duration varies from about 7 to 15 minutes.

If you have a short flight because of weather conditions we would be happy to discount your next flight with us.

Is it advisable to bring my own camera on the Tandem Paragliding Flight?
You are welcome to bring your own camera along for the flight, but we do not advise you to do so. Our pilots all have HD Cameras mounted on a customised telescopic boom. This will give you the chance to enjoy the views and not worry about taking pictures and videos and missing out on this exceptional experience.

If you do take your own camera along, you do so at entirely your own risk. All equipment taken along for the flight must be securely attached to yourself and will only be allowed at the Instructors discretion.

How do I get back to my vehicle after the Tandem Paragliding Flight?
Easy! Our free shuttle service will return you to your vehicle after the flight giving you time to enjoy the company of the Instructors in our air conditioned vehicles!
Who can or cannot Tandem Paraglide?

You can only signup for our Introductory Tandem Paragliding course if it is your intention to continue paragliding by signing up for a basic paragliding course to achieve a paragliding license. This can be done with Hi5 Paragliding, or at an alternative accredited paragliding school of your choice.

Our Instructional flights are for people over the age 14 with the intent of completing a paragliding course after doing this Introductory Course..

Please feel free to talk to us if you have any special needs! If you are under the age of 18 please note that your parent or guardian needs to sign off for the flight. You must weigh between 25kg and 115kg.

If you have any medical conditions that you feel might exclude you from this paragliding course please consult your medical practitioner beforehand.

Can I bring a bag?
Yes you can but it would need to be small enough to fit into the harness.
Where does Hi5 Tandem Paragliding operate Tandem Flights from?
Tandem paragliding flights are done from Lions Head and Signal Hill within the spectacular Table Mountain National Park, Franschoek, Sir Lowry Pass, Hermanus or Kommetjie depending on weather conditions and availability to the various take off sites. Because these sites are mostly privately owned we cannot guarantee the use of any of the above mentioned Paragliding sites as they are not always available due to various reasons.

Hi5 Paragliding will therefore Tandem paraglide with you from any of the above mentioned sites based on site access and weather conditions on the day. It’s therefore very important to be flexible and willing to travel to the site our Hi5 team are flying at on the day of your booking.

We will try our best to accommodate specific requests but please note it is not always possible.

How easy is Take-Off?
With a steady breeze in the right direction a few steps is all that it takes to become air born. On lighter wind days a good run before the launch will be required.
How easy is the landing?
Landings are very easy and soft especially if there is a light wind blowing over the landing field.

Luckily the landing fields we use at the Sea Point Promenade and at the Glen Country Club are large clear open areas making landings very easy!

Who can pilot a Tandem Paragliding?
Only a tandem rated flight instructor is allowed to take you on one of these tandem instructional flights. As mentioned before we only use SAHPA/RAASA Certified Tandem Paragliding Instructors on all our flights.
What is a Tandem Paragliding Flight?
A Tandem Paragliding flight is when two people fly on one specifically designed tandem paragliding wing. In our case the Instructor will pilot the paraglider with you sitting in the front seat.
How do I get my Photo's and Videos of my Tandem Paragliding Flight?
We will transfer you your awesome Photo’s and Video’s after the flight. We use verified Apple & Android products to transfer the file onto your Mobile Device. Please ensure sufficient space on your mobile device to allow us to transfer over all your recent memories. We usually recommend 2GB to 3GB storage space.
What payment methods are available?

As paragliding is very weather dependent we prefer payment in cash on the day. We have credit card facilities on site, but struggle with weak reception from time to time.

Where will the meeting point be for my Tandem Paragliding Flight?
We meet at the Signal Hill Parking Area at the end of Signal Hill Drive or at the Lions Head Parking Area depending on where we are flying.

Contact our friendly office an hour before coming out for your paragliding tandem flight to confirm which paragliding site we are flying from. Please take not that the parking areas on Signal Hill and Lions Head are limited.

It is advised to arrive thirty minutes early to give yourself time to find parking and do the necessary registration with us!

Can I paraglide from Table Mountain?
Paragliding off Table Mountain is allowed when flying Solo.

Unfortunately Tandem Paragliding is not allow off Table Mountain due to very technical and difficult launch terrain.

Are there other Paragliding Sites that I can fly from with Hi5 Tandem Paragliding?
We mostly use Signal Hill and Lions Head in Cape Town as our preferred paragliding launch sites. If you would like to fly at any of our other sites please feel free to talk to us.

The alternate paragliding sites are listed below:

  • Hermanus
  • Kommetjie
  • Sir Lowry’s Pass
  • Franschhoek
  • Paarl Rock
  • Noordhoek
  • What is a Paraglider?
    A paraglider is a fabric wing that is foot-launched from mountains to attain free flight. Because of this unique fabric construction the wing can be packed fairly compact.

    This is ideal as it can be easily transported even when going on holiday.

    What else do I need to know when coming on a Tandem Paragliding Flight?
    It is important to book! Call us an hour before coming out for your booking to check where we are flying from and that weather conditions are playing along.

    On arrival at the paragliding site ask for Hi5 Paragliding and one of our staff will welcome you and start the registration process. Bring cash to pay for the flight.

    Remember to have closed shoes. Arrive early, parking is very limited. Did we mention don’t be late!

    You will need time to register for this instructional flight. Our Instructors are very thorough and don’t like to rush so please don’t be late! Arriving early gives your Instructor time to give you un-rushed instruction guaranteeing your peace of mind. It is important to realise that paragliding is very weather dependant and that your booking time could change to fit in with the prevailing conditions. Please try and stay flexible with your timing for the booking.

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